Vexilar V-410 Charger

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1.00 LBS

Vexilar Quick Connect system will connect directly to your Vexilar pack for charging. If your system does not have the quick connect system you can use the supplied gator clip option for charging.

The V-410 is a fully automatic 1 amp digital charger. It also serves as a battery maintainer. After the charger bring the battery to a full charge, it automatically switches to a float mode. The battery is held at a full charge until you're ready to use it. The storage period is the most difficult part your batterys life. During this time, the battery can degrade, sulfate, and be unusable when you need it. Thats why you need to maintain the battery during storage periods. You could mark your calendar and charge your battery each month, or you could connect this Universal 12 Volt Automatic Charger and be assured that your battery will be ready to go when you are.

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