Vexilar Lithium Battery Charger

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V-420 Amp

The technology of the 1 amp hour V-420 Lithium charger is designed primarily for use in charging Vexilar Lithium batteries, it is the first charger we know that is capable of charging both Lithium and SLA batteries very well. The easy to use charger lights show green when you have power and when battery is fully charged.  Red tells you the charging cycle has engaged. A blinking red light will warn you that the battery is cold or terminal polarity is reversed. Special charging instructions for SLA batteries can be found at WWW.VEXILAR.COM.


V-420L 2.5 Amp 


This 2.5 amp hour rapid charger is designed for Vexilar Lithium batteries ONLY and works best when connected directly to the battery terminals using the supplied Gator clips.  As the RAPID name implies, it is the best choice for many of the higher amp 12 volt batteries that you need to get a charge into quickly. The easy to understand charging lights make charging a snap. Green light signals power or charge complete. Red light tells you the battery is charging.  Blinking red is a warning that the battery is too cold to charge or the terminals are reversed. Special charging instructions to get the most out of your V-420L Rapid Charger can be found at WWW.VEXILAR.COM