Strikemaster LFV-40VPS Lithium 40v Power Station

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7.50 LBS

The StrikeMaster box that rocks! Power it up! This portable package has it all. Utilizing the same Lithium 40v battery as the Lithium 40v augers, it powers a Bluetooth speaker, LED area light, multiple USB ports for a variety of electronic devices, universal terminals and when plugged into 110v it recharges the Lithium 40v battery. Perfect for powering fish locators and portable LED light kits.

  • Internal 40v Battery Charger
  • LED Charging Status Indicator
  • LED Area Light with White and UV Options
  • Universal Bluetooth Speaker
  • 2 USB-A Ports (Output) 5v at 1A Maximum
  • 2 USB-C Port (Output) 5v at 1A Maximum
  • Universal Positive and Negative Terminals - (Output) 12v at 10A Maximum
  • Lighted Master Power Switch
  • Banana Plugs with Alligator Clips
  • 110v Charging Cord
  • The Average Amount of Times a Device can be Charged from One Fully Charged 40v Battery:

          Smart Phone: 8 Recharges

          Tablet: 3 Recharges

          Laptop: 4 Recharges

          POV Camera: 250 Recharges

  • Works Only with StrikeMaster's 40v Battery (LFV-B)