Python PTW-302-NL Propane Tank Warmer

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5.00 LBS

Don't leave freezing up to chance. In cold, frigid weather, propane tanks need all the protection they can get.

Python’s 30-pound Dual Propane Tank Warmer protects the regulator from freezing and increases propane life in cold environments. The tank warmer is maintenance free with a simple plug-and-play electrical power system. Eliminate the stress of freezing during your winter recreational activities with the simplicity and reliability of a propane tank warmer. 

Python set out to solve common issues that arise with tank covers. Our solution is a PVC coated polyester substrate designed to keep the heat rolling without compromising your warmth or your tanks function. The Python Dual Propane Tank Warmer is not only a cover to protect your tanks and regulator from road grime but it also is equipped with a heating element. The heating element hugs the tanks, providing optimal warmth to the propane and the area around the tanks. Warm propane will keep the regulator from freezing and provide a cleaner burn for appliances.

This cover has a robust flexible PVC coating that is UV resistant and flexible, yet has the strength to handle the ruggedness of Mother Nature.

Know you have the freedom to be warm while on the ice relaxing, enjoying fishing, at the campground, or coming back from a long day of trail riding. Always have a warm camper to relax in. Easy to plug into the 120VAC outlet and walk away, spending more time enjoying your hobbies.


120 VAC
200 W
1.67 amps
4 lbs
36" x 24" x 8"
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    Posted by Justin Erdmann on Feb 3rd 2024

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