10in Crappie Coffin

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3.00 LBS

he Crappie Coffin® is the first and only ice fishing net. Made of strong galvanized steel and aluminum coupled with a heavy plastic/rubber composite sure to give years of quality performance.

The Crappie Coffin® is a cylinder mesh tube with a one way passage that sits in the hole while you fish. It does not interfere with fishing or sonar equipment. You can set the determined depth using the stopping rod included. The way the Crappie Coffin® works, is that the one way passage in the bottom of the unit allows you to drop your line down through the center, and when you have a fish, while reeling in the passage opens for the fish and closes behind it. Whether the hook comes loose or the fish jumps out of your hand, you can be rest assured that the fish will not escape.

Whats included:

  • Crappie Coffin®

  • Stopping Rod

  • Lanyard

  • Step Guide 

  • Ice Ring (Prevents Crappie Coffin from icing up in the hole)