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Ever tried holding a flashlight with one hand and try to do a two
handed job? Or better yet the old flashlight in the mouth trick?
The Quick Clamp Lite Holder will help you to put light on your
tasks HANDS FREE. With the two way adjustment of the Quick
Clamp Lite Holder you will be able to direct the lite exactly where
you need it.

Simply snap the Quick Clamp Lite Holder onto the nearest vertical,
horizontal or angled support and adjust the stem position by
loosening the wing nut, turning and re-tightening. Turn the lite
swivel to desired position. These unique features will allow you to
direct the light virtually anywhere. No tools necessary. Whether
baiting your hook for night time fishing or checking for a leak under
the kitchen sink you will find endless uses for the Quick Clamp Lite

The Quick Clamp Lite Holder comes ready for any 1" bodied flashlight
and is availablein any of the 6 clamp sizes. Flashlight available for
purchase in accessories.



Quick Clamps are based on industry standards as follows:
The 1/2" clamp will fit a standard 1/2" (I.D.) conduit pipe or equal support.
The 3/4" clamp will fit a standard 3/4" (I.D.) conduit pipe or equal support.
The 3/8" and 5/8" clamps are sized off of these standards.

Chair Sizes
Most common canvas folding quad chairs and tri-pod stools use either the 3/8" or a 1/2" quick clamp.
Standard folding metal or director-style chairs will use either the 5/8" or 3/4" quick clamp.


 The Black Hole Ice Shack

​1/2 inch clamp for smaller bars

3/4 inch clamp for the upper bars

Portable Fish Houses

Clam Portables:
1- man flipovers = 1/2" clamps
2- man flipovers - Warrior, Nanook, Tundra, Yukon = 1/2" and 3/4" clamps.
Larger thermo flipovers = 3/4" clamps
Suitcase style - 6800 - 5600 = 1/2" clamps

Eskimo Portables: 
Quickflip I, II, III = 1/2"  and 5/8" clamps

Frabil Portables:
1-man flipover = 1/2" clamps
2-man flipover - Guardian, Trekker, Excursion, Predator = 1/2" and 5/8" clamps
Ambush and Thermo models = 3/4" clamps

Otter Portables:
Older houses with round supports = 1/2" clamps
Newer houses with square supports = Square Clamps
The Square Clamp works equally well on both the standard square supports as well as the newer rounded edge square supports.

At this time Quick Clamp Outdoor Products do not fit onto pop-up or hub-style houses. We suggest that you use our fine products on whatever seating you use in these style fish houses.

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