Bait Caddy BC1 Universal Live Bait Container, Summer/Winter Uses

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The Bait Caddy offers a clear body that allows you to see the bait you are trying to retrieve. Now you can keep different types of bait in the same container without having to wonder what you're reaching for! The Bait Caddy is user friendly with a wide mouth access and easy one-handed bait retrieval. It features a secure locking li d. There are no loose parts to get lost, nothing to unscrew, and no spring-loaded doors.

The Bait Caddy floats and trolls very nicely alongside or behind your boat. It's size and shape allow you to use it in live-wells, bait-wells or hanging off a dock.  It also fits 8"+ ice holes making it usable all year round.

It has extremely durable construction and is UV stabilized which provides for: no warping, fading, cracking or breaking in extreme heat to sub-zero temps.

The 1/8" holes located on opposite sides near the top allow fresh water in and out while keeping small bait and leeches from escaping.

100% Made in USA!

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