K-Drill IDRL08 Ice Drill Assembly 8"

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Here is the ultimate drill assembly designed for hand held cordless electric drills. Using high carbon steel chipper blades, this Drill assembly is designed specifically for re-drilling old holes.
The unique centering pin greatly reduces blade jump and allows for a quick and clean hole time and time again when using permanent fish houses.
The composite flutes are not designed to throw ice shavings around the inside of your fish house, but instead is designed to make it very easy to remove the ice without getting ice all over the floor.

The K-Drill has its own flotation system to prevent it from sinking down the hole if it comes detached from the drill. Requires a minimum of an 18 volt, high-torque drill for best results.

6 Inch K-Drill Ice Drill Assembly features an Easy drive connection any rechargeable drill with a 1/2`` chuck.

Drive pin for electric rechargeable drills easily removed if customer wishes to drive with any 7/8`` (.875``) gas power head that has a clockwise rotation.

The Lightweight Aluminum Shaft with Lightweight Cast Aluminum drive head holds offset chipper blades at the optimum cutting angle.

Anti-chatter design allows for ease of re-opening old partial holes.

The Durable light weight plastic flighting has a smooth plastic surface that prevents water from freezing to its surface and it floats if it ever accidentally comes out the drive chuck.

The heat treated blades Cutting blades are interchangeable for re-sharpening; center tip controls the speed of cut while offset chipper blades make a balanced cut (both blades are cutting on opposite sides of the hole).

Head and blade combination provides for optimum cutting rate with the minimal amount of torque transferred to the operator making break-through easy with minimal torquing/twist.

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