Deep Freeze BTT-12 Blue Tipz Tip Up Transmitter Double Pack

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BlueTipz is the first and only strike alert system on the market that will send an alert to an angler’s smartphone. Network reception is not required as BlueTipz uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology in order to communicate with the receiving device, whether that’s a user’s phone or the optional BlueTipz Receiver. The BlueTipz Receiver can also be used to increase the operating range of your BlueTipz network. The angle at which the Transmitter triggers is also programmable through the mobile app, making it compatible with tip-up’s, tip-down’s, rattle reels, set rods for bank/dock fishing, etc.

New features for the 2019 FLEX Transmitter include:
-Weather-proof gasket
-AAA battery for better performance in the extreme cold
-Programmable multi-color LED
-Backwards compatible with the existing BlueTipz Receiver

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